LONG LEGS STUDIO d.o.o. Beograd

Serbia LONG LEGS STUDIO d.o.o. Beograd
Makedonska 30
Long name: Društvo za trgovinu i usluge LONG LEGS STUDIO društvo sa ograničenom odgovornošću Beograd-Stari Grad
Short name: LONG LEGS STUDIO d.o.o. Beograd
Address: Makedonska 30
ZIP and place: 11102 Beograd (Stari Grad)
Region: Grad Beograd
Registration number: 21357669
Tax: 110510989
Bank Account:
Serbia 155-1000000069472-91
Halkbank a.d. Beograd
Serbia 155-0000000047766-78
Halkbank a.d. Beograd
Serbia 155-0000000035749-45
Halkbank a.d. Beograd
Legal form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Date founded: 2/1/2018
Activity: Retail sale of clothing in specialised stores