Contractor Invest d.o.o.

Serbia Contractor Invest d.o.o.
Bulevar Oslobođenja 227
Long name: Contractor Invest d.o.o. Beograd
Short name: Contractor Invest d.o.o.
Address: Bulevar Oslobođenja 227
ZIP and place: 11010 BEOGRAD-VOŽDOVAC
Region: Grad Beograd
Registration number: 20872918
Tax: 107788738
Bank Account:
Serbia 250-1430001415770-60
Eurobank A.D.- Beograd
Serbia 250-1430001374070-30
Eurobank A.D.- Beograd
Legal form: Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Date founded: 10/31/2012
Activity: Construction of residential and non-residential buildings